Sunday, 28 September 2014

148 - Jumping on the Knight Bandwagon

I've got myself a a Knight! Not one of those ride around in chainmail on a horse knights, but a big stompy one. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd now got one of the (not so) new Imperial Knight models, well carry on reading below to see where I'm up to.
I haven't taken any work in progress photos of this build as I haven't strayed too much from the instructions in the box and the surprisingly helpful videos that Games Workshop put up about the model.

Here are the legs. Not really a lot you can do with positioning as they are fixed. If you're a bit more skilled at conversions than I am, you can probably make them a bit different. There are a few examples on the internet if you search around. Like a lot of people, I chose not to glue the armour plates on so that I can paint the workings of the model first.

Such a pretty face! Here is the main torso from the front. Again standard build here.

And the torso from the back. Some of the details really are very nice and at least you'll still see some of this. I can't believe how much gets hidden away by the armour.

Moving on to the weapons. You've got to have a Reaper Chainsword as one weapon so not much to say here really. It was a pain cleaning mould lines off the chainsword teeth!

But for the other weapon you've got two choices. I went for the Thermal Cannon as everybody loves some massive thermal weapon that can turn tanks into smelted down wrecks.

Here are all of the bits that I've still got left to glue on! All of these pieces will be painted separately to the main body before being added. I've still not made up my mind which of the two Imperium aligned face masks I'm going to use - it may come down to a coin toss.

Finally, here is the Knight - minus it's outer shell. The observant among you may notice that the weapons are on opposite arms to most of the Knights on the old interwebs. I'm trying this out to see how the model looks and if it brings a little bit more dynamism to a borderline static model.

What do you think of the weapon swap? Thanks for reading. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.


Evan said...

The reversed arms is the first thing I noticed. :) The only issue is that the shield on the Thermal Cannon is designed for it to go on the right side, with the flat side there and the larger curved part on the outside. However, that said, do what you wish. :)

greggles said...

Wow...until you swapped the arms, I hadn't realized so many online all follow the same arm/weapon arrangement.

You could always use the existing shield as a template (and flip it), to make a shield for the other arm with plasticard.

Looking good so far. I gotta get me one of these knights someday.

Cadian 127th said...

Thanks for the comments.

@ Evan - once the whole thing is painted and assembled it might not work, but nothing is glued on the weapons so I've got some time to experiment.

@ Greg - I might try a mock up with cardboard/plasticard to see how it looks.

Now I've just got to buy some of the Vallejo Game Air paints and actually get the thing painted!

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