Thursday, 21 November 2013

128 - FW Artemia Hellhound Complete! H44 "Ambustio" (Burn)

My FW Artemia hellhound can now be moved on to the completed shelf! Other commitments have stopped me from finishing this off sooner after the good progress I had made. Here are some pictures and details of the finished tank:

Right side, front angle

First things that I sorted out were the tracks. Luckily I had some part finished ones from the unfinished tank company in a box so I got on to fitting them - and then I remembered how much I hate the old IG tank tracks and their inability to actually fit properly. After much dry fitting, much swearing and much gluing, the tracks were in place and looking good. There are a few odd bits but nothing major.

Front view

Now that the tracks were in place I could get on with the rest of the weathering. This involved the FW weathering powders, starting with Orange Rust in the grooves and around the rivets. I went for a heavier rusting effect this time round. Then I used the Dark Earth and Light Earth powders on the tracks and the lower sections of the hull. A small amount of Black Soot was used on the top section of the storage tank and the front hatch. I also liberally applied Black Soot to the exhaust vents. There was also a little bit of Grey Ash powder used here and on the lower sections.

Left side, front angle

The heavy flamer on the hull was painted with GW Balor Brown for the material, and then GW Warboss Green for the weapon itself. The nozzles were painted using GW Leadbelcher before the whole weapon was washed with GW Devlan Mud. I then tried out the same method on the nozzles that I had used on the main gun but it didn't work as well unfortunately, but the the nozzles were then drybrushed with GW Mithril Silver. The green was also drybrushed, this time with GW Camo Green.

Left side, rear angle

I tried to simulate oil/fuel running down the side of the storage tank, but I think a couple of extra coats of gloss varnish are needed to really make it shine.

Rear view

I took care to make sure that the rust had pooled and then run off in specific areas.

Right side, rear angle

Top down view

I thought I'd add in this top down view to show off the rust pooling and other effects I used.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for another item from the shelf.


Mordian7th said...

Very nice! That has long been my favorite hellhound variant, and you've done a great job on it!

Anonymous said...

Smart !


Unknown said...

I'm with Mordian - the best version of Hellhound thats been put out - and you've done a great job with it - congrats on another victory for the shelf of complete stuff.

Cadian 127th said...

Thanks for the comments everyone

Unknown said...

I had not seen this Tank variant before. It's a really nice design. Good job on the paint job, simple but effective.

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