Thursday, 22 August 2013

120 - Chimera Complete! C2 "Crepitus" (Snapper)

After much effort, and feet dragging, both of the Chimera's are completed! But I'm only going to show one in this post, and the other in a post at the weekend. Enough of my ramblings, and on to the pictures:

Here is C2 "Crepitus" (Snapper). The magnetised dozer blade has been removed just to provide a different look to the tank.

Front view
Left side, front angle

Left side, rear angle

Rear view (still love that ForgeWorld door!)

Right side, rear angle

Right side, front angle
And just as a sneak peek, here are the two Chimera's together.

 Stay tuned for the post for the other Chimera! Thanks for reading.


Col. Ackland said...

Hey they are really nice! I love the attention to detail.

Mordian7th said...

That turned out looking fantastic - great work! Love the extra stowage, gives the tank a lived-in look.

Zzzzzz said...

Are you going to beat up the dozer blades or pick out the lights on the FW track guards ?

Love how you've managed to get the FW track guards to fit, btw. I can imagine how curly they were when they arrived.

Zerstoren said...

Nice looking tanks there.

Cadian 127th said...

@ Col. Ackland - thanks for the comment, if only I could learn to paint quicker though.

@ Mordian7th - cheers for the comment, I tried to not go too overboard with the stowage.

@ Zzzzzz - I'm not sure I'll beat up the dozer blades too much more, but the lights are a big dilemma. Part of me says paint them but another part says that I'll mess it up.

Those track guards were an absolute nightmare! They were bent round and twisted over. I ended up cutting them in half to help make them fit.

@ Xi - thanks for the comment.

Admiral Drax said...

You're right to love that FW door - great stuff, mate!

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