Tuesday, 30 April 2019

208 - More Metcalfe Kits

Hi everyone! Thanks for swinging by.

Today's post is about some additional kits that I will be adding to the train layout.

The kits are card ones made by Metcalfe.

The first is PO313, a double track engine shed. I worked out that clothes pegs were an extremely useful tool for holding the kit together.

This will be the second of these sheds to go on the layout which will add some bulk to the marshalling yard. 

And the second kit is PO283, the small factory. This kit can be built as two buildings or as one large one. I built it as two as the buildings are going to be spread around the layout.
The loading dock building will be used as part of a static section of the board.

I've got one more kit to build, PO331, the single track engine shed, but I'll leave that one to show you once all the buildings are in place.

Thanks again for reading.


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