Sunday, 21 June 2015

162 - The Art of Procrastination

Hello eager readers! I'll warn you now, don't expect too much from this post - things have been slow for the 127th recently.

Image used without permission
The normal factors have got in the way - work, Game of Thrones, my sisters wedding, computer games sunshine and BBQ's. But I've also found it difficult to really get going with anything. Other than the Imperial Knight, I've got half a dozen Leman Russ' sat either part built or 90% complete, but I my brain just kind of goes "meh" and walks away.

How do you guys deal with getting your motivation back? I thought today would be a good chance for me with my wife at work I could get cracking on finishing the silver trim on the knight, but again Sleeping Dogs on PS4 calls to me.

The strange thing is, I still enjoy building and painting, I just need to get going. Maybe I need to try a different model and I've got a Baneblade that I'm planning on putting 4 sponsons on.

I'd really appreciate any advice or help people can give (I've invested way too much time and money to stop now!)

Cheers for reading.


greggles said...

I usually just force myself to do something. It's the only way I get out of the funk!

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