Thursday, 12 September 2013

124 - Mega Bastion - Part 2

Following on from the previous post, I'm going to explain how I did the floor sections. Obviously it would have been handy for me to take some WIP shots, but most of the work was done in an insomnia fuelled craze. I also have an important problem which I've put at the end, if people can comment. So here goes:

First off, just a picture showing the roof itself. Because of using the dismantled Bastion, I had to do a lot of test fitting just to make the floor fit. I then glued in one section at each end before working along towards the middle. Once the glue had dried, I flipped the whole thing over and used more glue along the joins on the underside. I also used some pieces of sprue to add extra strength under the floor.

Once the floor was in place, there is a gap left over between each pair of floor pieces. GW handily provides some parts that allow you to fill these gaps. What they do not provide are any instructions on how to do so. After much sanding and filing and test fitting I was able to get the filler pieces to fit nicely and in the right position I was after on the floor.

Here you can see the floor from a different angle. These bits were probably one of the more time consuming parts of the build, as they required minute adjustments.

With the floor finished off, it was time to add the battlements. I started with one piece at each end and then added on each corresponding corner trying to get as tight a fit to the end piece as I could. Now all I had to do was add the middle sections. However, if you've built a bastion you'll know this, the battlement sections have fitting points which will get in the way. These were easily removed with a pair of cutters and then sanded down.

Even with the best efforts in the world, it's unlikely that the battlements will join and leave no gaps in between. So just like the walls, they got filled with liquid green stuff and then made smooth using sand paper. I also did this on the inside of the battlements as well.

Here you can see a view of one side of the battlements.

With a bit of spare time one night, I cleaned up the Icarus Lascannons and built them. The supports aren't stuck to the base yet so I can remove the lascannons themselves for painting. I am also wondering if I should magnetise the bases for putting on the roof mounts, or just leave them free to come off.

Now to finish off, I've experienced a problem when putting the base coat of black down on the bastion.

Basically, the coat went on quite patchy in some areas, despite me trying to be smooth with it. Also the paint has pooled at the bottom on some areas and a blob of pooling can be seen on the bottom right underneath the firing slit.

Here is another example of the patchiness, on both the lower section and next to the heavy bolter opening.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas as to how I can stop this? I'm using Vallejo Surface Primer through a Neo by Iwata airbrush. I have my compressor set to about 16-20psi and hold the brush about 10-15cm away from the item when airbrushing. I move the airbrush quite quickly when spraying.

Any tips, hints, ideas etc would be really helpful.

Thanks for reading.


karandrs said...

I am a huge fan of terrain building. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time designing and making terrain than actually using it. On that note, great job on combing these kits and making it look good.

Cadian 127th said...

@ karandrs - Thanks for the comment. I doubt I will ever use it as I hardly play any games. The kit was a pain to combine, but the end result will be worth it. Thanks again.

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