Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Let the Airbrushing Begin!!!

At the moment, it seems like every time I think I have a bit of spare time, something else needs to be done. Currently, that something else is furniture and specifically IKEA (the continuing bane of my existence) furniture.

Nevertheless, I have persevered through this flat packed hell, and can finally say that I have done something hobby related. And that hobby related thing has involved no painting or building. Now I can hear people wondering what I could have done, so let me divulge.

I have purchased a very nice and shiny airbrush and compressor! With today being my day off, I hopped in the car and drove to my FLGS, about 10 minutes down the road. Had I not been buying the airbrush I would have walked as normal.

The shop itself is Affinity Models, and is run by a very helpful guy. He's always willing to help out and will offer advice, even if it means he loses out on the sale of a product. Sounds weird, but at the end of the day we're all trying to help each other.

I've been in before to ask about airbrushes, but now was the time to take the plunge. So I took my wallet out and bought the following little lot:

And here are the specifics: Neo for Iwata airbrush, Badger BA1100 compressor with tank, air hose, Medea airbrush cleaner, Vallejo airbrush thinner, Vallejo grey primer and a couple of pipettes. It's safe to say I am now a very happy person, and will be trying this out asap.

I have managed to tidy the man cave a bit more in the past month. It seems to get tidy, become a mess and then have to be tidied all over again. Here are some pics showing how far I've got.
These are on one set of shelves. I will be adding my Guard infantry to this shelf, but I'm waiting for some acrylic steps that I bought off eBay to arrive, which can be seen here.

I have always been a LEGO fan, and have started to build up my collection after I sold most of it when I became a teenager. The urge and enjoyment has returned now I'm in my 20s. As you can see there are quite a few kits, which are on a different shelf unit to the Warhammer.

I've also got a glass display case, where the larger models are going to live. Here you can see my Valkyrie and super heavies, plus the command Leman Russ.

Finally I'll leave you with a couple of photos of my desk, just to give you an idea of the fallout zone I'm writing this in. Thanks for reading.


Raghnall said...

I got a badger renegade velocity for Christmas... your gonna find it a very useful tool. Enjoy!

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