Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shadowsword Finished - Revenge

The Shadowsword/Stormlord is complete! Having spent what seems like an absolute age on this project, it is now finally finished. Brace yourself for a pic heavy post. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I entered this tank into a painting competition at my local GW. I didn't win, but it did give me a boost to get it finished. The competition theme was based on Private Baldrick's poem "The German Guns" (I recommend youtubing it). This meant that I had to somehow tie it into my tank. So I decided to name the tank "Revenge", and then daub "Baldrick's" above the name plates, to suggest the crew had come up with the nickname.

I figured I'd start off with all the pieces laid out all nice and neat for you.

Just a couple of close up shots showing the name plates. I used ForgeWorld weathering powders to do the rust effects. I did apply them a bit heavy in some areas but I don't think it makes much difference.

Here's a close up of the track details. The road wheels were painted using the method described in Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume 1.

I used several bands of washes to try and get a heat discolouration look on the heavy flamers. The paint chipping on the transfer was achieved by dabbing on some of the original camo colour using a sponge. I think this transfer came out the best compared to some of the others.

Moving on to the whole tank, I'm going to start with the Stormlord as this is what I entered into the competition. I won't go into too much detail as it will soon become repetitive, so just sit back and have fun looking through the pictures.

Stormlord Front view

Stormlord left side view

Stormlord rear view

Stormlord top view

Stormlord decking detail
Stormlord heavy stubber gunners in position

 And here are the gunners propped up for a better view

I thought I'd better take a few detail shots of one of the gunners. They were painted using some of the new GW paints. The green was my usual scheme of Goblin Green, highlighted with Camo Green and then washed with Devlan Mud. Normally I'd paint the clothing with Snakebite Leather and then wash it with Devlan Mud, but I thought I'd see how the new paints work out. I started with a basecoat of XV-88, and then washed it with Devlan Mud (not got the new wash yet). Then I highlighted using Balor Brown, which is meant to be the replacement for Snakebite Leather. I was then going to add an additional highlight of Zamesi Desert but didn't think the model needed it.

From using the new paints I don't think that Balor Brown is a direct replacement for Snakebite Leather. This may be because I normally use it as the base and then wash it, so I'll have to try that way at some point with Balor Brown.

Next up is the big gun Shadowsword.

 Shadowsword front view

Shadowsword left side view

 Shadowsword top view and a detail shot of the barrel muzzle

Following on from the Shadowsword is the stubby barrelled Banehammer

  Banehammer front view

Banehammer left side view

Banehammer top view

And finally we have the Stormsword

Stormsword front view

Stormsword left side view

Stormsword top view

There are two more variants, but I couldn't get the muzzle off the Shadowsword barrel and didn't want to pull too hard as some of the weathering powders were still lose.

Thanks for looking through these pics, I hope that this project has been helpful and that it's encouraged you to try using magnets. Thanks again.


Colonel Scipio said...

Really, really nice; I think the weathering powders and magnets are two big successes for this one. I also love the name!

Kevin Spyrle said...

Very realistic, and I have a bit of experience with real life armoured vehicles. One thing that caught my eye and looked a bit out of place was the very pristine catachan green innner mounts for the sponson weapons. Maybe a bit of oil or rust towards the top and especially bottom, and maybe a horizontal scratch mark or two with boltgun metal to represent when a rock or something got pinched in between the casing and the outer armour as it rotated. Either way its an awesome tank and way better than anything I've done.

Cadian 127th said...

@ Colonel Scipio - thanks, I've got a Manticore on the work bench at the mo, so that will be getting some magnetic treatment as well.

@ Spyrle - cheers for the comment. Yeah looking at them again they do look way too clean. I think a little bit of Badab Black with gloss varnish should do the trick on the lower sections.

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