Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Armies on Parade

I popped into my local Games Workshop (Stoke-on-Trent) today for the final part of my intro to 5th edition, which was a 1000pts game. It ended up being a pitched battle annihilation, my Guard force against Ravenwing Space Marines.

I took:
1x CCS with autocannon and 2 flamers
1x PCS with autocannon and 3 flamers
2x infantry squad with grenade launchers
1x veteran squad with 3 flamers
1x heavy weapons squad with 3 heavy bolters
1x heavy weapons squad with 3 mortars
1x valkyrie with multilaser, multiple rocket pods and heavy bolters - held in reserve
1x hellhound with hull heavy flamer
1x leman russ demolisher with hull lascannon, plasma cannon sponsons and pintle storm bolter

The GW employee had:
1x Ravenwing special character in landspeeder (can't remember his name)
1x bike squad with 5 bikes and 1 attack bike armed with a multi-melta
1x 5 marine combat squad with flamer
1x 5 marine combat squad with missile launcher
1x dreadnought with 2 close combat weapons
1x 5 man terminator squad - held in reserve

I managed to seize the iniative and proceeded to fire everything on the Demolisher at the bike squad to try and kill off the multi-melta attack bike. Everything else fired at the Marine combat squads or the bike squad. At this point I didn't know about the special character landspeeder so didn't use the Demolisher to try and kill him instead.

The bike squad was reduced to the sergeant and attack bike. They then killed the Demolisher with melta bombs after missing with the multi-melta. To sum up the rest of the game as I'm kind of going away from the main reason for this post, the dreadnought and flamer combat squad killed off the veterans. The dreadnought then killed off the remainder of an infantry squad before being immobilized by the valkyrie.

The PCS managed to kill the landspeeder character with an autocannon shot to the rear armour. The landspeeder had killed most of the CCS already though. The terminators killed off the PCS and the mortars before being blasted by the heavy bolter squad.

I fired all of the valkyrie weapons at the remaining 3 marines in the flamer combat squad, but 1 marine lived, so I lost the game by one kill point, never mind.

Anyway, on to the main point of this post. Whilst in the store I noticed the Armies on Parade info board. So I thought I'd maybe try my hand at making a display board to enter. However the GW employee told me that it had to be a Citadel gameboard piece which is obviously a bit expensive just to enter a competition with no real prize.

Basically I want to ask if anyone has a spare unpainted flat gameboard that they would be willing to sell. Or if there is anyone that would like to buy an unpainted flat gameboard from the expansion set, as I only need one. If anyone would like to sell/buy please e-mail me at

Thanks in advance for those that have taken the time to read through this.


Anonymous said...

Check the published rules. It does not state you must use a GW tile only that it must be 2x2.

Cadian 127th said...

@ Anonymous - ah right, the GW employee told me it had to be a gameboard tile when I asked if I could make one out of mdf or plyboard. Thanks for the info

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