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Thursday, 22 July 2010
Platoon 7-1, Squad 7-1-4

Platoon 7-1, Squad 7-1-4

Continuing with the rest of 7-1 Platoon, next up is Squad 7-1-4. Yesterday I showed off Squad 7-1-3 here so today is another squad.

I had planned on having a third squad finished by tomorrow, but I haven't quite finished all the squad yet, and then I'm off on holiday on Saturday so they'll just have to wait.

So without further ado, here is Squad 7-1-4.

As with the previous post, there is one photo of the front and one of the back. Somehting I didn't mention is that the squad number is hand painted onto the left shoulder and the Cadian Gate logo on the right shoulder is a decal. I've also been experimenting with MicroSet and MicroSol, and so far I'm impressed. Soon it will be tested on some vehicles :).

2 squads done, 1 so nearly finished, only another 2 to go, but they will definately have to wait a while as I intend to do the command squad first (hopefully). Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments and suggestions.
Wednesday, 21 July 2010
Platoon 7-1, Squad 7-1-3

Platoon 7-1, Squad 7-1-3

My slow painting has finally produced some results, so this will be the first post of several showing the completed squads.

The first of these squads is 7-1-3. There will be squads 7-1-0, 7-1-1 and 7-1-2 as well, but so far only 7-1-2 is completed, I'm just waiting for the shoulder transfers to dry. 7-1-0 will be the company command squad and 7-1-1 will be the "grenadier/veteran" squad and will have the different camo that I trialed.

So here are the photos for 7-1-3. Please note that this squad hasn't been sprayed with matt varnish yet due to the brilliant English summer, and the missus refuses to let me spray indoors.

I used Photoshop to arrange the pics all nice and neatly. I did find that my new camera is quite smart whilst taking these photos, the face detection ability even worked on them!

Pretty self explanitary, the above photo is a front facing shot and the photo below is the rear facing shot. I think I got all the models in the same order for both photos.

Squad 7-1-3 reporting for duty then. Squad 7-1-4 are just having their photos done and will be posted soon after these guys. As always comments and suggestions are appreciated. Cheers.
Saturday, 10 July 2010
Reinforcements have arrived!

Reinforcements have arrived!

So once again it's been a while since my last post. I promise you that I have done some painting since then. The infantry squad I was working on is finished so I just need to get some decent photos of them - I got a new camera which I'm still fiddling about with.

In the mean time, I got a nice little delivery of items from Maelstrom Games - used one of their discount vouchers!

In my lovely little order I got:
1 x Valkyrie - can't wait to build this!
1 x Shadowsword - need to get some bits for a conversion I want to do
1 x Demolisher/Executioner/Punisher - magnets to be tested on this
1 x Chimera - another conversion to be done hopefully
1 x Chaos Black Spray
1 x Hobby Drill - so I can finally drill out gun barrels!
and a load of little magnets.

I thought I'd also leave you with some shots of my WIP Empire army. Most of this is still in boxes but I'm hoping that it'll provide motivation when I can't be bothered to paint guardsmen.

Basically its the combination of a couple of army deals. It should all add up to:
1 x Empire General - not shown here and already finished!
1 x Kurt Helborg
1 x Luthor Huss, Prophet of Sigmar
30 x Flagellants
20 x Free Company/Militia
? x Swordsmen/Halberdiers - don't know how many I've got as I didn't count the sprues
? x Handgunners/Crossbowmen - like above, don't really know how many I've got
15 x Outriders/Pistoliers
16 x Knights - although I think I have more
2 x Cannons/Mortars
1 x Hellblaster/Rocket Battery

I'll leave you with that feast of models. Until next time, thanks for reading!
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