Friday, 29 January 2010

EFTC Cont. Part 6

Once again I take ages to follow up on a post, but never mind. Work continues on the EFTC, some of it successfully some of it not so. On the good side of things, I finally managed to get all of the sponson and hull weapons completely finished.

I decided that I would put Camo Green highlights on the Goblin Green sections of the weapons, as after testing the idea on the heavy bolter above, I thought that it looked good enough to do on all of them. I was picturing it after putting a Devlan Mud wash over the gun, so you'll have to use your imagination for the minute on that.

Twelve heavy bolters and six lascannons later and my left hand was shaped to the size of the back of the weapons. But all of the highlighting was done. Now I added the Devlan Mud wash to the Goblin Green sections to tone them down a little bit. I put a light wash over the metal areas at the bottom of the heavy bolters. I then took the oppurtunity to experiment with the washes and added a light wash of Asurmen Blue to the heavy bolter barrel. For the lascannons, I used Baal Red over the barrel and barrel end. Once these washes had dried I used Badab Black to take the rest of the shine off the metal.

The picture above on the left shows the lascannons after they'd had their washes. When the light hits the barrels right it makes them look like they are glowing slightly from firing. The final thing I did with these weapons was put a very heavy wash of Devlan Mud over the back of the weapons on the bit that sits in the sponson. I figured that these sections would get very dirty and once the wash had dried it looked very much like oil/grease deposits which turned out quite nice :) (and was unexpected)

I have managed to do more, but I havent got round to taking the photos of what I've done. In the mean time I'd like some opinions on an idea for the turret for one of the Leman Russ':
I have a ForgeWorld Cadian tank crew member, the one that is holding the laspistol like he is waiting for a target. Basically I was going to try and get hold of a Genestealer and place it onto the back of said Leman Russ like it was sneaking up on the unsuspecting crewman who'd popped open the turret to find out what was going on.

Thanks for reading and as always comments etc are appreciated.


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